Commercial Flooring: The Best Options

Commercial Flooring: The Best Options

It is costly to run a business in a commercial space. Rent prices, high overheads, and excessive bills can all eat into your company’s profits. This is before you have even paid your staff. It is important to keep your other expenses low, which is why it is crucial to invest in high-quality furniture.

The floor is the most vulnerable area in any commercial space. The first impressions count and potential clients and business partners will immediately be turned away if your shop or office floor looks worn.

It is difficult to find the flooring that can withstand such heavy foot traffic. Because of its high price and potential danger, a hard floor is not an option for many.

These durable pieces of carpet tiles make a great choice for commercial spaces. They are easy to remove and replace.

What are Carpet Tiles?

Carpet tiles, as the name indicates, are modular carpeted tiles that are extremely durable. These tiles are made from durable carpets and are cut into rectangular pieces that measure 50cm x50cm.

What are the best places to use carpet tiles?

You can use carpet tiles in many places, such as:

  • Commercial offices
  • Hotels (reception areas and corridors, bedrooms and bathrooms)
  • Schools and educational settings
  • Fitting rooms and retail shops
  • Leisure facilities
  • Public sector buildings (town halls, libraries)

Carpet tiles: Why choose them?

Carpet tiles are a great choice over traditional carpeting or hardwood floors for many reasons.

Carpet tiles are durable flooring. Carpet tiles are typically made of nylon with a durable underlay built-in. They can withstand high foot traffic areas and are also stain and liquid resilient. Carpet tiles can be cleaned and replaced if they are stained or damaged. It is possible to remove damaged tiles and install a new tile. This is not only easier but also cheaper.

What Are the Different Types of Commercial Carpet Tiles?

Carpet tiles can be used in any style or commercial project. There are many options for carpet tiles, including plain, patterned, and extra-cushioned. Many of these are also available online for carpet and flooring businesses such as CarpetAce. You can mix and match styles and colours to create the look you desire.

This personalization or individual approach allows you to find the right match for your business in the first instance.

How to Install Carpet Tiles

If you are looking to save money on your floor renovation, you can install the carpet tiles yourself.

First, you will need to ensure that your floor is suitable for installing carpet tiles. You will need to remove any existing carpet and then apply a self-levelling floor screed.

The adhesive backing on floor tiles can cause damage to hardwood floors. It is best to apply the floor tiles with an underlay or membrane first.

After the floor is completed, you can start laying the tiles as you would with any other tile. You should consider the cost of waste and ensure you have spare tiles in case something goes wrong. If you have to replace damaged tiles, having spare tiles is a great idea.

To replace a damaged tile simply pull it up and place the new one in its place.

Seek Out A Professional Commercial Flooring Team For Your Next Installation

Expert advice is provided by a professional team of commercial flooring experts on a variety of speciality commercial flooring options. These include commercial, office, government, and retail flooring.

They should be proud to have a reputation for providing outstanding customer service and a high-quality finish every time.

They can work with any size business, large or small, to help you find the best solutions within your budget.


Carpet tiles will make your commercial space look great and functional.