As the leading commercial landscaping company in the nation, BrightView’s handiwork is hard to miss — especially if you’re in the business.

“I see them everywhere in Easton when I go shopping,” said Kathy Tatum, president of Tatum Landscaping in Westerville. “I was recently on vacation in Florida, and I’m looking outside of my villa, and there is BrightView, maintaining the resort!”

A short time later, Tatum was partnering with the billion-dollar business.

Kaitlyn Tatum of Tatum Landscaping poses for a portrait in front of the new Field in Columbus, Ohio on June 11, 2021. Kaitlyn will be taking over the business from her mother Kathy Tatum, who currently manages the company. Tatum Landscaping are one of the several minority-owned and women-owned businesses that were awarded contracts to build the new stadium, the company has been working to install trees on the exterior walkways.

The opportunity came with the construction of the Columbus Crew’s new $313.9 million, 20,000-seat stadium Downtown. That project, and the construction of a new training facility at $34.2 million, were completed with the help of 54 minority-owned enterprises and 27 women-owned enterprises in central Ohio, throughout the state and beyond, according to an April 15 report by the Crew. Field:The Columbus Crew’s stadium has a name. And you may be wondering: ‘Who the heck is Lower?’