How Can I Be a More Eco-Friendly Property Owner?

Being an eco-friendly homeowner will rely on a wide variety of factors for you to keep in mind. You’ll need to be on top of your landscaping duties, home maintenance, and driveway protection. Here are some tips to ensure your driveway and other paved surfaces are best cared for, contributing well to eco-friendly habits.

How does asphalt paving affect my carbon footprint?

As a homeowner, this will largely depend on how effective your upkeep is on your end. This pertains to general maintenance, amending damage safely, and keeping the surrounding environment in mind.

What maintenance should I perform on my asphalt driveway?

Sealing your driveway should be done somewhere around every eighteen to twenty-four months. However, if there’s significant damage that hasn’t been amended, you want to have that attended to as quickly as possible rather than waiting.

Is it eco-friendly to repair my asphalt driveway on my own?

You absolutely can repair your driveway entirely on your own. However, with minimal experience and unique types of damage, there are several ways where your repairs can not necessarily be optimal. You want to keep this in mind before beginning on repairs yourself. At the very least, you want to speak to a professional and consult them on how to proceed. Then, you will be best prepared for the long haul and avoid damage down the road.

How does residential compare to commercial asphalt paving?

Both are reliable for eco-friendly recyclable material. Since asphalt is often recycled in high volume, you’ll be able to have surfaces for both residential and commercial sustain for the long haul. Although, you will have to consider the volume of traffic your surface will be facing. Whether it be purely for just your family and guests, or an entire parking lot for consistent customer use, you at least need to consider how that volume will wear down the surface. Additionally, plotting how repairs will be conducted and being proactive on issues will be crucial. Fortunately enough, most asphalt damage takes an extended period to develop from minor to major in most cases.

But once the issue becomes major, you will see a dramatic shift in the reliability of the surface, and more cracks begin breaking out. These cracks can swell and shift with inclement weather as well, which is something you need to be mindful of depending on your region. Colder, higher condensation climates will see a ton more swelling and overgrowth with plants. Plants and other growths between these asphalt cracks can expedite the deterioration process for all asphalt surfaces.

Be proactive and get in contact early

Being more eco-friendly as a property owner with asphalt surfaces is simple. Implement good proactive practices to ensure your small issues and damages never become major, and you are keeping traffic within your property safe. For any questions, give us a call today. We’ll assess your property and give you the best course of action to proceed. We’re looking forward to getting started with you soon! All American Paving & Seal Coating