how to clean unfinished wood floor

If you have unfinished wood flooring you know how difficult it can be to retain them clean up and tidy. For the reason that when your wood is not completed, it actually results in being a magnet for a selection of various stains, marks and other debris, ideal? But you can not thoroughly clean it the exact same way you would clean a completed wooden floor for the reason that it’s much too fragile for that. So what do you do? Properly, if you want to master how to thoroughly clean unfinished wooden floor you will need to take a look at this process.

What You Require to Get Begun

The 1st factor in learning how to thoroughly clean unfinished wood flooring is figuring out the equipment that you have to have in order to retain that wood flooring in idea-major shape. For the reason that it’s unfinished you need some a little distinctive items than with a finished wood floor and some similar kinds.

  • Broom and Dustpan – Just like any other tough surface area flooring you may have in your property you will often have to have to sweep up grime and debris. You have to have a broom and dustpan to assist with this and make absolutely sure you’re likely to have the floor of the floors clean up.
  • Wood Ground Cleaner – A little wood ground cleaner can help you get up some of that previous little bit of dust that receives stuck in the flooring and make them seem shiny at the similar time. Just make guaranteed it is accredited for unfinished floors.
  • Trisodium Phosphate – This is a liquid chemical which is truly excellent at receiving rid of stains in your wooden. It’s incredibly concentrated however, so you will want a white rag and some distinct drinking water to go alongside with it so you can clean up up soon after it is done its occupation. This also requirements a scrub brush.
  • Mineral Spirits – Another solution for cleaning your floors is mineral spirits, which actually does not consist of any chemical substances at all and will aid to get out stains effortlessly. This is actually safer for your floors, your spouse and children and your pets. You are going to also want a rag for this but you won’t need h2o to wash it again off.
  • Sander – A superior sander can choose out completely anything at all because you are basically getting rid of the damaged wood entirely. You’ll want to be thorough with this selection, even so, due to the fact you could stop up with recognizable marks.

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Phase 1

To start with, you want to consider and get any grime or debris off the area. You can begin by basically utilizing a broom and dustpan to sweep up whatever is sitting on prime of the flooring so you can see what type of stains you are essentially working with ahead of you jump in as well rapidly with chemicals or everything else that could perhaps bring about extra injury.

Phase 2

Get some wood cleaner that’s protected for use on unfinished floors and dilute it with drinking water to the package technical specs. As soon as you’ve completed that you can scrub your flooring cautiously with the mixture and make absolutely sure that all the liquid comes up at the conclusion as as well a great deal humidity can hurt unfinished floors.

Step 3

If the stain is nevertheless there it is time to use a very little bit different technique, mineral spirits are usually the very best possibility for you mainly because they really do not have chemical compounds but they do a terrific occupation when it arrives to receiving out stains. Just pour a tiny on a rag and then use it to wipe the region that has a stain. In most conditions, this is heading to be all you have to have to get the stain out and you will not have to use h2o or nearly anything else to get up the mineral spirits either.

Move 4

If you still just cannot get the stain up you could want to look at utilizing trisodium phosphate. This is a quite superior alternative for receiving stains out of just about just about anything, and particularly wooden. You want to make confident you are watchful about this just one even so, because it is a robust chemical. You want to place just a little little bit specifically on to the stain in your flooring.

Action 5

Scrub the trisodium phosphate deep into the grain applying a scrub brush. You require to get it as deep into the wooden as you can so that you can get all the things out and not have anything at all remaining when you’re done.

Step 6

Use clear h2o to rinse everything still left of the alternative off the flooring. You never want it to remain there and carry on to soak in. You want it fully cleaned off with drinking water so preserve flushing it out until the drinking water does its task.

Phase 7

Wipe up every single little bit of moisture with your rag. You really do not want to leave just about anything at the rear of since the liquid can problems your wooden floors, particularly if they really don’t have a end or any kind of sealant on them mainly because it starts off doing work its way deeper and further into the ground.

Action 8

If you continue to have a mark that won’t arrive out you can take into consideration sanding it down. A small piece of sandpaper may be ample for a more compact mark or you may want a massive electric sander. Use it meticulously due to the fact you don’t want to sand off too substantially where by you’ll be able to recognize that it is distinct. You just want to get the layer that retains the stain in it, which should really be near to the prime. Make absolutely sure you do not go as well significantly down and that you don’t depart any rough edges whilst you are sanding.

Phase 9

Sweep yet again to get rid of the dust left guiding by your sander. You’re now ready to appreciate your wooden floors yet again and there’s no more stain. How’s that for how to clean unfinished wood flooring?


All-in-all, it’s not that tricky to figure out how to clear unfinished wooden flooring. You just have to have to have a number of options lying about the property, and you almost certainly already do. So consider a few minutes to verify them out on your own and make absolutely sure that the future time you get a stain or mark on your flooring, you’re completely ready to go. It is in fact very simple to figure out how to thoroughly clean unfinished wooden floors.