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The aftermath of a single of the mudslides in Weehawken. Shots through the Township’s Facebook site

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An additional check out of the carnage still left by mudslides in Weehawken.

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Crews are cleansing up the mud and evaluating the problems to the cliffs.


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The aftermath of one particular of the mudslides in Weehawken. Pictures by means of the Township’s Fb website page

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A further check out of the carnage still left by mudslides in Weehawken.

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Crews are cleaning up the mud and examining the problems to the cliffs.

The Weehawken Township Council has adopted two resolutions to support offer with the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. The resolutions awarded contracts to numerous unexpected emergency firms for storm related hurt and bonded $2,500,000 to deal with the expenditures.

“We had a remarkable rainstorm with Ida,” Mayor Richard Turner reported at the council’s Sept. 8 meeting. “We’ve experienced an unparalleled total of challenges.”

Water just about everywhere

“We experienced several people, just about most people obtained a little water someplace or an additional, either via their cellar drains, either by the apartments in the cellar, through bathrooms or shower drains, or their backyard,” Turner explained. “We had 40 inches of rain in August, and the 9 inches in 8 hours and four inches in 1 hour overwhelmed the procedure.”

There was also a smaller nonstructural destabilization of a bank at the reservoir. Turner explained crews have been out all week filling in the culvert that began to created.

“The reservoir is a dam, so it was nonstructural,” Turner said. “If we overlook it, it will develop into structural, and then we’ll have a dilemma with the dam.”

Aiding people

Turner said the flooding has absent down, and the township is now aiding citizens in working with the harm.

“We’re helping individuals with their basements,” Turner reported. “We’re taking away items for individuals who can’t bodily take out their ruined possessions themselves… Most citizens are getting care of their possess.”

Turner claimed most of the flooding was clean h2o, but the township is encouraging disinfect regions flooded with weighty sewage h2o.

Presently, five or 6 people are displaced by the storm, according to Turner. They are staying place up in several lodges by the township the variety is down from 12 or so at 1 position.


Turner claimed the “big surprise” of the storm was the mudslides off the cliffs.

“We never had mudslides prior to like this,” Turner claimed. “We had two on Hackensack Plank Highway from higher Gregory Avenue.”

That impacted 4 houses on upper Gregory Avenue and a comparable variety on decreased Gregory Avenue. Gregory Avenue runs largely parallel to Hackensack Plank Highway, only at a increased elevation.

“The [flooding] on Upper Gregory produced a massive slide on Hackensack Plank Highway, forcing the closure of the highway,” Turner reported. “Tons of mud washed via The Shades.”

The township is cleaning up the mud and particles in the highway as well as The Shades neighborhood. Turner claimed the DPW haa been “doing absolutely nothing but eliminating 6 to eight inches of mud.”

“It’s a pretty perilous circumstance,” Turner said. “Boulders are exposed, and some of the retaining walls are exposed. Our panic is if any of these boulders come down, they will go right above Hackensack Plank Street to Park Avenue beneath and affect a single of the entrances to the tunnel.”

One more view of the carnage still left by mudslides in Weehawken.

Clear up time

On Hackensack Plank Highway, 4 or 5 other qualities were being affected following mud fell from earlier mentioned.

“That house was built with all kinds of retaining partitions and netting and all the things,” Turner stated. “No 1 anticipated the top rated to come down, and two or 3 properties were severely ruined. In a person dwelling, the total back again wall was blown out from the influence of the drinking water and the mud. These individuals are all up in motels.”

Turner mentioned the cliffs could not consider the saturation from the rainfall over the final two months and are now in a “precarious” state. Turner explained the township has employed a firm to “shore that up.”

“The crisis companies have put a shore metal mesh more than what remains of those places,” Turner claimed. “Hopefully that will keep again any additional substance or just about anything but major boulders.”

Turner explained the corporations have also eliminated mud from the porches, backyards, and interiors of houses on Hackensack Plank Highway across from Park Avenue.

Yet another home on Hackensack Plank Road and the adjacent garage construction have cracked retaining walls. Turner said the township is using emergency action to shore up that in advance of extra rain falls.

Permanent option

Turner reported the township is in the approach of hiring a agency to completely shore up the broken cliffs. Engineers are at this time examining the harm.

“They may well have to do a non permanent shoring up and come again and do a lasting shoring up,” Turner reported. “So we have a temporary cleanse- up company, we have a permanent cleanup business, we employed a device that sucks up as a great deal mud as achievable from the households.”

Turner encouraged people to take shots of the damage to post claims simply because they may possibly be eligible for aid when the Federal Unexpected emergency Management Agency (FEMA) declares a Important Catastrophe Declaration for Hudson County and Weehawken. Turner mentioned that when the agency toured the harm, even “FEMA couldn’t feel it.”

The cliffs “have been listed here endlessly, and there’s by no means been an difficulty,” Turner explained. “FEMA was even surprised. But we will get through all this and we have some resolutions tonight that will start the course of action. Then we will use to FEMA for reimbursement.”

Turner claimed the township was very effective inbeing reimbursed for damages from Hurricane Sandy and expects the exact.

Crews are cleaning up the mud and examining the problems to the cliffs.

Crisis firms employed

The township council adopted two resolutions totaling $2,500,000 to cope with the damage.

“Unfortunately, when you’re working with cliff collapse and anything else which is getting area, we just can’t hold out for FEMA,” Turner stated. “We will do the bond. We will get the income. We will deal with it now. Then FEMA will reimburse us identical to what we do with Sandy.”

The 1st resolution awarded contracts to several unexpected emergency corporations for storm associated problems.

Philco Industries was hired for the cliff work. The deal awards an initial $355,000 for temporary shoring up of the cliffs and an additional total not to exceed $2 million for the eventual rebuilding and long lasting restoration of the cliffs.

J. Fletcher, Creamer and Son was contracted for roadway cleanup not to exceed $150,000. Montana Building was contracted to safe the reservoir not to exceed $100,000. SERVPRO was contracted for h2o cleanup and remediation not to exceed $75,000. JZN Engineering was contracted for the design of the lasting cliff framework not to exceed $45,500.

Reimbursement anticipated

The 2nd resolution issued a bond for $2,500,000. According to Turner, the township will have to fork out 5 % down, so the problem will be $2,380,000. The rest will occur from the township’s funds reserve. Turner reiterated he anticipated FEMA to protect most if not the complete price.

The council voted unanimously to approve both resolutions.

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